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Take ownership of your happiness!

Did you know that you are 100% responsible for your own happiness? 

No one else is.  

Wouldn’t you love to just wake up every morning and just be happy?  I answered “Yes” to this question and that is why I took the course and why I am so passionate about teaching and inspiring others. 

I have always been an extremely optimistic person, despite my childhood.  When I am asked about my childhood, I am the one who could check most of the boxes: illegitimate, only child, abandoned, neglected, sexually abused, put in foster care, and that was just my first 6 years living on this earth.

Considering my childhood, I always had faith that things would get better. I will share with you more about that later but for now, as an adult, I felt that I needed to know how I could be more deliberately happy. I wanted to explore how to find that inner strength and peace that I have always longed for, instead of looking everywhere but inside of me.  I spent my whole life as a seeker; for my biological father, for validation, for acceptance and for approval. 

Now that I have come to an understanding of how to get that inner sense of peace and well-being, I want to write this blog to inspire you.  I want to share with you Happiness Habits, and the 7 steps to being happy from the inside out. I want to share practical tools and key steps to creating happiness for you – from the inside out! 

I hope that you will come along on this journey with me. 


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