6 Steps to Courageous Confidence on Camera 

Are you tired of being a best kept secret? Are you a camera shy Coach or Entrepreneur?  Dive into the world of  on-camera brilliance with our electrifying 4-hour workshop, 'Lights, Camera, Action Program.' Designed for aspiring women entrepreneurs and coaches, this workshop is your first step towards mastering the art of on-camera presence. Experience a blend of interactive learning, practical techniques, and dynamic masterclasses that will transform your public speaking skills and boost your on-camera confidence.
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Let me show you how to gain the confidence that is already inside you. 

Let's embark on a self reflective journey to uncover your current on-camera persona! Get hands on essential on-camera skills and techniques so that you can shine on any stage. 

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You’ll learn:

  • Spotlight on Fundamentals:

       Kickstart your journey with an introduction to the world of on-camera presence. Discover the core principles of the "Lights, Camera, Action Program" and what it takes to shine in the spotlight.

  • Mirror or Self-Awareness: 

    Embark on a self-reflective journey to uncover your current on-camera persona. Engage in activities that reveal your strengths and areas for growth in front of the lens.

  • Stepping into Responsibility: 

       Learn the power of personal accountability in transforming your on-camera presence. Embrace the mindset shift from hesitation to empowerment.

  • Camera Ready Techniques: 

    Get hands-on with essential on-camera skills. Explore posture, breathing, and speaking exercises designed to enhance your screen presence.

  • Cultivating a Confident Mindset: 

    Delve into strategies for building a resilient and positive mindset, vital for captivating audiences and handling on-screen challenges.

  • Masterclass in Action: 

       Experience the thrill of action in our masterclasses. Record yourself or present live, receiving constructive feedback and tips for improvement.

Join us for this exhilarating introductory workshop and take the first bold step towards becoming a confident, charismatic on-camera personality. It's time to let your talent shine!


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