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Susan Janzen is a singer, recording artist, teacher, Realtor, Certified Trainer, Coach of Happy For No Reason® and a Podcast Host. She loves to combine her passion for singing, teaching and coaching by shining a light on inspiring people on her weekly podcast Living and Loving Each Day. Her focus is on helping shy entrepreneurs who have gifts and talents to gain the confidence they need to be on camera and to grow their client list. 

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Best Day of My Life

THIS IS MY WHY!  My daughter Candice made this video four years after her 8 week old daughter, Kalaya, survived a NEAR SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) incident. As a result this beautiful child, my granddaughter, has Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI). As a grandmother and former Special Education teacher, I have a passion for helping those who struggle with daily challenges and especially those who have a story they want to share but don't have the confidence they need. 

My Story

I was not always happy and optimistic because I was raised by a single mom, never knew my father and survived the foster care system.

I never gave up. I received my Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Special Education. My entrepreneurial heart was calling so in 2003 I became a Licensed Residential Realtor where I have enjoyed a long and successful career.

I love to spread happiness and joy through my workshops, coaching, speaking and podcasts. I want to empower others to take responsibility for their own happiness and I provide practical tools and strategies so that they can shine from the inside out.   

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"This year I have had the privilege of meeting Susan and being surrounded by her sparkly energy.  She exudes joy, sunshine and enthusiasm and it is not a wonder that she has pulled herself out of many dark places with an irrepressible spirit to move forward with positivity, energy and confidence.  I believe “happy for no reason” is her theme song and it is no wonder because she has been a professional singer most of her life and found a way to reach others with he message and her voice!  If you are seeking new levels of joy and fulfillment, Susan has a framework and the energy to support you on your journey.  She is a gift to us all and I highly recommend you let Susan guide you to your “happy place.”  Blessings, gratitude and love

- Kathryn Dager

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Susan helps both Buyers and Sellers and she is a specialist in the area of Accessible, Visitable and Barrier Free homes. She helps to match buyers with sellers who have already retrofitted their home and she helps buyers find a home that suits their individual needs. Susan understands and you can count on her to take the time and attention to accommodate her clients with mobility challenges. She has many resources and connections that she has made over the years and she is happy to share those with her clients.

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True joy is a marathon, not a sprint. 

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