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All change starts with INTENTION?

What is your happiness intention? 

I used to blow up, get angry and react in a negative way to things that happened to me that were negative. I did not make the situation better – I usually made it much worse. I created an even more negative space. I felt hurt, angry and I took it out on anyone who was around. What I know and understand now, is that there is a much better way to react to negative things. 

I now know that there are positive traits that enable people to enjoy meaningful and happy lives even when bad things happen. Let’s start with the definitions of happiness and what we mean by being happy for no reason. It means that you have an inner state of peace and well-being – regardless of the circumstances that you are facing in your life.

Did you know that we each have a Happiness Set Point? It is like being a thermostat for happiness. It means that we can learn to be in control when things happen to us that are not favorable. 

Yes, we all have bad things that happen to us, but if we learn the Happiness Habits that I will be sharing with you, you will find that happiness is no longer a temporary thing. You will find and discover that by following certain steps and changing your perspective that happiness can really be an inner state of well-being. Would you like that? 

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This dynamic and interactive presentation includes practical exercises that inspire and motivate audiences to experience happiness every day of their lives, no matter what the circumstance! 

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