One Hour Introductory Happy For No Reason® Course: One-One Consultation

Are you stuck? Want to identify your happiness goals, challenges and get personalized support for your personal and work relationships? 

Susan examines:

  • the Foundation of Happiness Habits
  • the Pillar of the Mind
  • the Pillar of the Heart
  • the Pillar of the Body

Susan will celebrate with you as you discover that inner state of peace and wellbeing so that you can apply it immediately!


· A new definition of happy

· Raising your current happiness set point.

· Keys to cultivating happiness in your life right now!

· How to create good Happiness Habits

· A 7-step holistic program to building your Home for Happiness.



· Expand your ability to experience happiness in all aspects of your life:

· Own your life by taking 100% responsibility.

· Discover how to make your thoughts your allies.

· Make your cells happy.

· Live a life inspired by purpose.

· Let love lead in your life!


Disclaimer: This product is a no-cost call one hour call and is an introduction to the course Happy for No Reason®: 7 Steps to Finding Happiness from the Inside Out.

You will be directed to book your call as soon as you sign up on this page. You should do so immediately to avoid losing the free offer.

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